Can you install Metal Roofing in Winter?

Two weeks ago we addressed building post frame buildings in the winter, but what about tin roofing and siding? Can you install metal on your home in the colder months? The short answer: Yes! Read on to find out more....

Source: Google.com

Undoubtedly, the busiest time of year for metal roofing contractors is the fall as most homeowners want to replace or fix their roof before the winter. Majority of those seeking a new roof are under the misconception that metal roofing can only be installed in the warmer months. Aside from shoveling snow and staging the installation, metal roofing can be installed in winter. This grants you more flexibility, a wider range of available contractors, more time for a contractor to devote to your install, and the possibility of lower pricing!

Unlike other roofing options, metal roofs can easily be installed in the colder months without compromise to quality. Sheet metal panels are not subject to cracking, bending, or breaking. They are also not phased by the harsh temperatures, ice, and snow. In fact, metal roofing is designed to shed water and ice, minimizing ice and snow accumulation. Additionally, metal roofing does not have to cure and seal.

Asphalt roofing can also be installed in the winter, but with great risk. Roofing contractors must use extreme care and caution to prevent bending/cracking the brittle shingle and trapping moisture, both which can increase your materials cost and call for additional replacements and repairs. Additionally, it is crucial that asphalt shingles seal properly. 50+ degree days are needed, so this is close to impossible in colder weather. This can cause leaking, wood rot, and replacement. These risks are highly likely even with proper installation.

Why wait until Spring? Investing in and installing a colored metal roof this winter is a smart decision for your wallet, home, and the environment!