Frequently Asked Questions

• Are there advantages to metal roofing over other types of roofing material?

Pre-finished metal panels are light weight, longer lasting, energy efficient, will not burn, algae and mold resistant, and are virtually maintenance free.

• Will a metal roof attract lightning?

Metal roofs will not attract lightning. Lightning typically is attracted to the highest point. A metal roof has no greater chance of being struck by lightning than any other type of roof. A metal roof is actually beneficial due to being a non-combustible material.

• Are metal roofs noisy?

A common misconception about metal roofing is they are noisy. On a residential house,  metal roofing is installed over a solid deck typically. Also, attic space and insulation serve  as additional sound barriers. The noise generated by inclement weather is no greater  than that of a shingle roof.

• Are metal roofs environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. Approximately 56% of the steel in a metal roof is manufactured from recycled steel. According to the National Association of Home builders Research Center, 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles are dumped into U.S. Landfills every year. Since metal roofs can often be installed over asphalt shingles, metal helps reduce this excessive shingle waste. This will also reduce your labor costs and landfill costs.

• How will a metal roof perform in extreme weather?

Metal roofing can withstand years of abuse from high winds, heavy snow, hail storms,  and even fire. With a Class IV impact rating and Class A fire rating, you can rest assured that no matter what the weather, your home is well protected.

• How long will a metal roof last compared to shingles?

A quality metal roof that is properly installed could be the last roof you ever put on. In general terms, the average lifespan of an asphalt roof is 12 to 20 years. Because asphalt shingles are made of oil impregnated paper or fiberglass, asphalt begins to deteriorate as soon as you expose it to normal weather. A metal roof will never decompose.

• Can I put a metal roof over my existing shingle roof?

In most cases, a metal roof can be installed right over your asphalt roof. Simply lay 30# felt over your existing shingle roof and begin laying your new metal roof.

• What does metal roofing weigh compared to other roofing materials?

On average, metal roofs are 50% lighter than asphalt shingles and 75% lighter than concrete tile, fiber cement shakes, and slate.

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