How to care for metal roofing, metal siding, and metal post frame buildings

If you've chosen (or are considering choosing) a metal roof, metal siding or metal pole barn, congratulations on making the smartest decision for your wallet and time! As a low-maintenance, long-lasting product, metal panels are a cut above the rest. Even though they require less work than traditional building material, you will need to preform annual metal roofing maintenance care. We have provided some tips, tricks, and guidelines to make your metal panel cleanings a breeze!


  • Ensure that nothing that can cause damage (tree, furniture, vehicles, heavy tools, etc.) is touching the metal -- This helps to avoid scratches!

  • Check areas near AC units, cooking area, and etc as these areas can corrode the metal and wear off the paint.

  • Check for scratches and paint fades. Most metal panel products come with warranties -- if within the warranty time frame, use these to your advantage! Contact your supplier if you notice any chalking, fading, scratches, or dents.

  • If exposed fasteners have been used, you must inspect at least one a year! Make sure they are not installed too tightly or too loosely. There must be a proper seal, but you do not want to see cutting, splitting, or bowing of the metal. Additionally, inspect the washers as these can breakdown over time. The washer should be flexible and not hard

  • If there is more than one type of metal touching your metal panels, make sure they work well together. Sometimes, when mixed, certain metals can cause corrosion.

  • Sweep, blow, or pick up any debris frequently to prevent wear
    • It is not required that you wash your metal annually -- every 2-5 years should do the trick! If you insist on "washing," do not use a power washing as the pressure may be too strong. Instead, use a low-pressure hose and mild cleaner (the pros suggest sodium hypochlorite with a mild surfactant).


! Before you begin, it is imperative that you put safety first !

  • Have a solid plan in mind
  • Use a sturdy ladder
  • Have someone helping or watching you
  • Wear necessary safety equipment
  • Wear soft soled shoes
  • Be mindful of where you are walking: 
    • Stay off flashings, eaves, gutters, and hips to avoid falls
    • Never walk on any type of light or fiberglass

*If you are not comfortable climbing onto your roof, it is advised that you contact a roofing professional to perform the maintenance tasks*

  • Clean and remove any debris from gutters, down spots, and drain boxes or prevent overflowing and leaks

  • Trim surrounding trees and remove any branches (or other items) from the roof. Branches cause scratches!

  • Check for holes, scratches and paint fades! These are generally covered under warranty

  • Inspect flashings, panels, and fasteners to ensure that they are not too tight or too loose

  • Sweep dirt and debris from the roof, clean if desired (see notes in above section)

  • Ensure that two different metals are not in contact with each other

  • Replace any damaged item (holes, fastener, panel, sealant, etc) --- a roofing professional can be of great help here!

  • Inspect sealants at the seams and edges and replace as needed

  • Check for rust. When you see any rust, not matter how big or small, it could mean that the anti-corrosion coating has worn off. This must be addressed sooner rather than later!

  • Check for leaks! These most often come from skylights and vents, so check thoroughly around those areas!

  • Avoid standing/walking on the roof for long periods of time and remember to not wear black soled shoes!

  •  Inspect, chimneys, closures, vents, ridge caps, end walls, valleys, AC units, etc. as these areas have a higher risk of damage


If you have any further questions, please comment below or contact a Kentucky metal roofing and metal pole barn specialist at 859-744-4475 or an Illinois metal roofing and metal pole barn specialist at 217-864-5835.