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    BEFORE:AFTER:What a transformation!This Louisville, Kentucky home got a much needed roofing makeover that significantly improves curb appeal. Manufactured on site, our red standing seam metal paneling updates the look of this home while also increasing functionality. The homeowners will not have to worry about a replacement for at least 40 years! Our metal roofing is versatile enough to fit an any style roof and home.   Read More...

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    Can you install Metal Roofing in Winter?

    Two weeks ago we addressed building post frame buildings in the winter, but what about tin roofing and siding? Can you install metal on your home in the colder months? The short answer: Yes! Read on to find out more....Source: Google.comUndoubtedly, the busiest time of year for metal roofing contractors is the fall as most homeowners want to replace or fix their roof before the winter.   Read More...

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    How to care for metal roofing, metal siding, and metal post frame buildings

    If you've chosen (or are considering choosing) a metal roof, metal siding or metal pole barn, congratulations on making the smartest decision for your wallet and time! As a low-maintenance, long-lasting product, metal panels are a cut above the rest. Even though they require less work than traditional building material, you will need to preform annual metal roofing maintenance care.   Read More...