Seasonality and the Metal process

We receive many questions regarding the best time of year to buy metal building materials. As one of the top metal roofing, metal siding, and post frame building kits in Kentucky, fall is our busiest time of year. Though, each season has its advantages and disadvantages.  While we can fulfill most orders next day, we have created a seasonal guideline highlighting the best times to perform certain tasks. Of course, you can complete these tasks sooner or later; within one season or four…the best schedule is really up to you!

Winter is a great time to begin your planning and prepping. Find a roofing and/or post frame contractor who knows how to work with high-quality metal panels. In addition, contact a Mansea Metal representative to begin the ordering process. Our representatives will meet with you and help you figure out the best metal roofing option for your project.

Spring is the perfect time to begin preparing your landscape and work area for proper installation. For pole barns and post frames, it is ideal that the landscape is clear of clutter and high greenery.  If digging is to take place, make sure you call the city to ensure that pipes and lines will not be an issue. For metal roofing and metal siding, contact your metal roof contractor to ensure that there are no underlying structural issues that must be addressed first. Spring is also a great season to get the project started

Summer, although hot and humid, is the best time to get the project started! Depending on your metal roofing, metal siding, and/or post frame building contractor, your project should be completed before the end of the season...just in time for enjoyment!

As stated, fall is our busiest season. We have realized that fall is the perfect season to finalize your contractual obligations and even sneak those last minute projects in.

With the exception of winter (unless you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate area), any season can be utilized for any or all of these tasks! Whether you are looking for home roof replacement or custom post frame building packages, don’t settle for less than Mansea Metal!

If you would like more information about this topic, please call 859-744-4475 or email Olivia@manseametal.com.