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Our metal panels are carefully manufactured to your exact specifications on site by our experienced team. We strive provide the best quality at direct, competitive prices.

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Quick Order Turnaround

Because we are the manufacturer, most orders can be completed for pick up next day. Delivery services are also available for ease.

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As a top roofing company, we strive to provide the best service in the industry. Most orders are ready next day and our trusted team is ready to assist your every need.


Explore the endless possibilities! Find the perfect Mansea Metal roof color for your project. 



As the most popular panel, Premium Rib metal roofing is manufactured with you in mind. It’s versatile and classic design allows it to be applied to agricultural, equestrian, commercial, residential (and more!) projects.


Premium rib metal roofing


Popular for upscale residential and architectural roofing applications, Standing Seam metal roofing is designed to be both durable and attractive. They have the highest wind, fire, and impact resistances, granting you an added feeling of security.


Quickseam Plus standing seam roof panel


Ideal for low-profile roofs, this panel is most popular among residential and commercial roofing customers. With fewer fasteners than other metal panels, Hi Rib metal roofing offers quick installation with added affordability!



Hi Rib metal roofing panel


The most recognized and versatile panel available! Built for durability and value, our Corrugated metal roofing panel is popular among agriculturalists and DIY enthusiasts. With classic, rustic appeal, it is perfect for just about any project.



Corrugated metal roofing panel


As the top choice for agricultural applications, 5V metal roofing offers simplistic beauty that allows it to fit a wide variety of projects. With intermediate ribs for added strength and an anti-siphon side lap for safety, 5V roofing has you covered in more ways than one!


5V metal roofing panel


Available in 26 gauge and 29 gauge, our endless line of metal trim is manufactured on site to ensure the highest quality and accurate measurement.




Custom trim 26 and 29 gauge metal

When you choose Mansea Metal...

You are getting more than just metal. With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, we strive to deliver superior service provided by skilled workmen and professional representatives. As the manufacturer we are able to provide the highest quality metal, tailored to your exact specifications, for a fraction of the cost.
 As customers ourselves, we understand how important time is for any project which is why we offer next day completion on most orders. Our quick order turnaround ensures that your schedule will not be compromised. 

We cannot wait to make your dream home a reality!


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